You took your last savings to escape a completely boring and mediocre job life. You want to become Web Developer and bought the Ironfarm.

What? A farm? YES!

You will use your farm as a disguise to search for the Iron code. Rumors have it, that on the farm there is hidden the most robust code in the world. Put it together to become a Web Developer!

Use the arrow keys to navigate. Use Control (ctrl/strg) to perform an action. Note that you can perform your tasks several times on the same tile! Work on your farm and find the Iron Code hidden in the soil!

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iron bar iron bar iron bar iron bar iron bar
Congratulations, you've found all the 5 pieces with code engraved in it:

Now you would be able to recreate this game!

Also you earned so much with the farming, you can buy your dream computer. It's time to type the code into your computer and start being a Web Developer. Or do you changed your mind?!